Hazel MacTavish-West inspired many producers with her inaugural VegInnovation workshop. Following this, VegPRO is excited to be again working with the VegInnovations team for the 2018 VegInnovations roadshow. Hazel and her team are both professional, easy to work with and passionate about what they do which comes through in their workshops and the feedback I received. Attendees said: “this was a fantastic opportunity” ; “great to see examples of what can be done” ; “provided a great networking opportunity” ; “thought provoking, entertaining and Informative”.  These workshops are exactly what the vegetable producers need, they are informative, engaging and most importantly they are practical.  I had feedback from one grower, who, following the workshop, was able to turn usually unused small kale leaves from his packing process into a saleable product. He is already trialling in several retail outlets with great success.  Hazel brings many similar examples to the her workshops.  This is what makes VegInnovation training so successful; attendees hear from people in the industry with real life examples and ask themselves, “how can I use this in my business?” and they have a go.  Watch out for the 2018 VegInnovations Roadhsow coming soon to a place near you!  Sophie Lapsley, VegPro.  www.veginnovations.com.au