The World is a complicated place, and technology is constantly evolving.  We can help you navigate this landscape to identify and utilise the best and most appropriate technology solutions for your business.

We can help turn ‘Big Data’ into decision-making information, and develop tailor-made solutions to fit your needs.

If you know what you’d like to be able to do, but can’t quite figure out how to achieve it, give us a call and start the discussion.

/// Custom Design: MacTavish:West offer fully custom electronic and software design capabilities from concept through to production handover.

While we have our own tool sets (internally, we currently use Altium for schematic and circuit board design, and either Intel or Xilinx for programmable logic) we have a wide range of experience with other tool sets that may be required by the client.

Particular areas of expertise include design for low power, high reliability, mixed signal and high speed digital electronics.  Software experience includes Visual Basic, C, Visual C#, C++, JavaScript, PHP, HTML/CSS, Python, Perl and even some history in Fortran 77 and Modula-2.

Previous projects have included user interface technology design, video and audio broadcast equipment, utility measurement technology, high speed computing platforms and augmented reality systems.

Image of a printed circuit board

/// Software Development: MacTavish:West developed a pc software tool to implement microbial growth models developed by the University of Tasmania for predicting the safety of raw milk cheeses.

We worked with the Centre for Food Safety and Innovation at the University of Tasmania to implement a simple, easy to use, stand-alone pc software program to realise their developed models to allow the safety of unpasteurised (raw) milk cheeses to be evaluated.  The software (the Raw Milk Cheese Decision Support Tool) was developed because some dairy manufacturers were having difficulty in interpreting the requirements of the Food Standards Code allowing cheese to be manufactured from unpasteurised milk.  The tool can be downloaded from the Centre for Food Safety and Innovation.

/// Broadcast Video: MacTavish:West has developed a number of hardware platforms for a major UK broadcast equipment supplier.

We have worked closely with the client’s internal development team to design both circuit boards and VHDL generated Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) designs to implement a range of embedded and stand-alone equipment used as part of the broadcast video workflow.  Designs include intelligent control surfaces and compressed video playback systems with multiple industry standard, 3G SDI serial digital interfaces.

“Having worked with Darren on a number of projects he brings valuable technical expertise and practical experience that helped us to realise our product development roadmap”.  Nick Wright, CTO Pixel Power Ltd.

///The Sensory: MacTavish:West developed tailor-made in-store installations for a new Tasmanian retail outlet, capturing the smells and sounds of three iconic Tasmanian experiences.

We defined the unique fragrances of the leatherwood flower, Tasmania’s temperate rainforest, and the aromatic Tasmanian Devil.  The scents were recreated and presented via passive scent delivery technology within visually stunning ‘Sensory Domes’.  We further modified these to include specific sounds that we had captured, and which activate via a customised ultrasonic triggered audio playback unit.

The Sensory Domes can be experienced at the award-winning The Sensory in Richmond, Tasmania.

“The Sensory is a unique store that awakes your senses of smell, sight, sound and taste.  This beautifully designed store embraces Tasmanian wood, with an amazing handmade wood wall.  The sensory domes delight your olfactory nerves to experience the smells of Tasmania”.  FREART2016, Tripadvisor.

/// Technical Agility: MacTavish:West has worked with a wide range of technology architectures and firmly believe in selecting the right solution for the problem rather than trying to modify the problem to match an existing, inappropriate, solution.

We have over 25 years’ experience of most processor architectures be they RISC, CISC, microcontroller, DSP or embedded in programmable logic as soft or hard cores.  We also have extensive design experience with a wide range of programmable logic, from basic CPLDs programmed in Abel through to the latest ranges of hybrid CPU/FPGA devices, designed using VHDL or Verilog.

Our flexibility is our strength and allows us to select the most appropriate solution without bias.

In-circuit development tools.