Our Associates

Judith Sweet, Food Consultant.
Judith is well known in the food scene in Tasmania, with an enviable reputation over her 35+ years teaching, consulting, creating and enjoying all things to do with food. Judith had a long stint presenting her television cookery series ‘What’s Cooking’ and ‘Judith’s Food Notes’, along with running her restaurant ‘Cotswold Cuisine’ and directing cookery schools.


Helen Davies, Design & Marketing; Communications.
Zest are a complete marketing and design solution for challenging, larger projects – they designed Veggycation and have worked with MacTavish West to support major clients in the UK and Australia. We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Helen Greenleaves, Technical Support.
Helen has a degree in science and a number of years experience working in scientific support for research and technology transfer at ADAS Ltd (UK). Now freelance, Helen supports with literature reviews, UK-based market sampling and sensory testing.


Jane Milton, Food Industry Expert.
Qualifications: BA Home Economics, Diploma in International Marketing.
Experience: One of the UK’s leading Food industry Experts, working with major retailers, producers, innovators and brands to create products and strategies andbringing them to life to wow their customers. With 26 years’ expertise in the food industry, Jane has a strong track record of working with entrepreneurs and fast growth SME food businesses mentoring and helping guide their plans. Jane assists businesses from outside the UK understand UK and European markets so they can successfully work in them.

Lindsey Bagley, Food Technologist.
Qualifications: BA (Hons, Biology & Biochemistry), Chartered Scientist, Fellow of the Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST).
Experience: An expert in formulation and manufacture of products for the food and healthcare industries. Over 30 years’ experience as a hands-on product and process developer, & 20 years as an independent consultant. A unique breadth of experience, Lindsey has been responsible for the launch of over 400 retail products, 30 new ingredients and her work has supported over 20 patents.