New News

The Illustrated VegDoctor!

Hazel MacTavish-West has teamed up with Tasmanian artist Rhona MacTavish (also Hazel’s daughter), to develop “The Vegdoctor’s Illustrated Field & Fork Guide to Potent Plants (Volume 1)”. The guide is a zine (mini-magazine) aimed at adults, talking about all the fabulous things in plants that make them scientifically interesting, the health benefits, plus some pop culture and recipes, all jazzed up with beautiful illustrations from Rhona. The Field & Fork Guide is also designed by Rhona, and printed in hard copy as a 16 page zine.  Hazel met Jamie Oliver at Woolworths head office recently and gave him a copy of the zine, whilst talking about vegetables. Rhona and Hazel spoke with Julie and Carlos at Edge Radio about the new zine – listen to the interview here ( You can get your own copy of Volume 1 by emailing or going to to buy one online. Not available in digital as yet.

All new Food Innovation Workshops – 2019

We have developed a series of all new food innovation workshops for 2019, for start-ups, SME and BIG food businesses.  Inspire, empower, and connect local and regional food and beverage businesses and start-ups with this series of capability-building workshops led by industry-experienced, retail savvy and enthusiastic facilitator, Hazel MacTavish-West.  Click here for more info: Food Innovation Workshops 2019 Flier2

VegDoctor is 2017 Churchill Fellow

Hazel completed a Churchill Fellowship* including a study tour of Europe in early/mid 2018 to investigate the opportunities to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into value-added, convenient, healthy foods.  She focused on opportunities relevant to Australian fruit and vegetable producers, especially around value-adding and utilisation of more of the crop. For more information see:  You can download Hazel’s report by clicking here (downloadable pdf).


The VegInnovations2018 Regional Roadshow (supported by Hort Innovation using the vegetable research and development levy and funds from the Australian Government) is now complete (check out for more info).  This includes a fabulous all-new “How-To Innovate with Vegetables” Guide – downloadable from that website. The 6 workshops were presented by Hazel MacTavish-West and Susie White (, and well attended by growers and the wider vegetable industry.  We had some fabulous local speakers at each event too, ranging from a teenage egg marketer to a lupin flour producer and a flavoured crunchy cheese maker. If the feedback is to be believed, there was a 26% increase in knowledge and understanding of the opportunities and requirements to add value to whole, fresh vegetables, potentially increasing the confidence of growers to venture into this space.  This could potentially increase usage and consumption of Australian-grown vegetables.  Specific feedback:

  • This day is the creative business reboot workshop that every farmer and food industry professional needs to attend, in order to understand the achievable solutions to the farm and fresh produce issues you don’t know you actually have.
  • Workshop was very informative and valuable. Very impressed by examples and experience shared by Hazel from overseas!
  • This event is a must for all members of the vegetable supply chain.
  • This was a great chance to meet with other industry members and learn more about creative and positive thinking.
  • Exceptionally insightful, useful and interesting.
  • A great day to not only talk about new ideas in the value add sector but to learn the techniques to best implement them.
  • A sensational summary of global insights and tools for product development that provides actions to take away.
  • Well done VegInnovation- Great initiative, I’ll be back!!
  • The energy from the presenters and in the room was fantastic.
  • Hazel and Susie are knowledgeable and enthusiastic, you can’t help but feel energised about Veginnovations.
  • Great information with real examples and lots of interactive elements and great presentation. I learnt so much.
  • I’ve been to a VegInnovations workshop before and the new information and format of this event was even better.
  • Excellent blend of theory, practical exercises and case studies provided for a useful and highly informative workshop. Presenters highly knowledgeable and lively delivery of information.
  • The session provided value affirmation that our strategy and objectives for new export markets is focused and sustainable.
  • If you have an idea and don’t know how to make it happen come along to this workshop to learn how to get it done.
  • Great presentations with a huge amount of information given in a fun and interesting way.
  • Highly motivational, informative and practical content. I’m bloody excited!
  • Great day with heaps of ideas and possibilities. Thanks for information sharing.

Thanks to VegNet and Hort Innovation for all their assistance.