Food Science & Innovation

We keep up to speed with what’s going on locally and globally with all things relating to food: consumer behaviour, retail and marketing trends, value-adding innovations, and developments in packaging, science and technology.  Plant-based foods are a key skill and knowledge area.

We seek to understand your agri-food business objectives, and share our knowledge and experience with your people to help identify and develop appropriate opportunities for your business.

We can help you get to the next level, no matter where your business sits in the food chain.

Let’s have a chat and see where to, from here.  Download a flier about our all new food innovation workshops for 2019: Food Innovation Workshops 2019 Flier2

/// Marketing Health: MacTavish:West provided the Westerway Raspberry Farm in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley with technical support to assist them promote the quality of their fruit juice and dry powder by-products.

We provided global benchmarking and sensory panels to assess the quality of their raspberry and blackcurrant juice flavours, and independent laboratory analysis of blackcurrant components to support ‘high-antioxidant’ claims on-pack.

We helped benchmark new flavour formulations to match industry standards.

“MacTavish:West” provided us with scientific analysis, new product development guidance and had great contacts in industry to assist us with the production and sale of our new high value fruit based products.  We have never worked with such a responsive and attentive partner in business”.  Richard Clark, Westerway Raspberry Farm.

/// Food Innovation Training: MacTavish:West provided a one-day workshop for The East Gippsland Food Cluster, outlining opportunities for value-adding primary produce via processing, packaging and marketing.

Similar, bespoke training workshops and presentations on produce quality, food technology and food innovation have been presented to a wide range of Australian clients including retailers, agri-food businesses and regional development groups.

“Hazel kept a group of East Gippsland vegetable growers and other stakeholders captivated with her market insights and in-depth understanding of opportunities for extracting more value from vegetables through a range of processing technologies”.  Nicola Watts, East Gippsland Food Cluster Inc.

“Hazel utilised clear language to explain the real opportunities in food innovation.  She knows her subject matter very well, demonstrated her ideas with real world examples and has the gravitas to sell her message.”  Ross Contarino, Australian Industry Group.

/// Food Innovation In-practice: MacTavish:West worked closely with Tasmania’s award-winning- national baby leaf salad producer Houston’s Farm on food technology, product innovation and marketing for over 6 years.

We worked in a collaborative way with the Houston’s Farm innovation and marketing teams providing:

/// global product insights for inspiration;

/// food science and technology- shelf life, sensory and nutrition;

/// communication resources including recipes, labels and brochures.

“MacTavish:West brings to Houston’s Farm a range of skills which are unique and add to our innovation space.  Whether it’s looking for a new blend of ingrdients, understanding health claims, or developing product concepts, the advice is timely, leading edge, and has a sense of commercial reality”. Alison Clark, Houston’s Farm.

Forager fruits Crunchy dried apple wedges

/// Forager Fruits MacTavish:West & our design associates developed the branding and marketing for the launch of these crunchy (freeze-) dried apple wedges from Tasmania.  Free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives & packing a mighty crunchy “junk-food” type eating experience & flavour intensity, they are the perfect snack.

“We worked with Hazel for over 3 years on new product development, analysis, branding and marketing. MacTavish:West offers a comprehensive one stop shop, with experience, expertise and networks resulting in outcomes that are both ‘top notch’ and cost effective”. John Ranicar, Forager Foods Pty. Ltd.