Freycinet Marine Farm

MacTavish West

24th July 2019

The Brief: Giles and Julia Fisher produce oysters and mussels on Tasmania’s pristine East Coast on the Freycinet Peninsula. They have a farm gate café and shop and wanted premium, longer shelf-life products for their customers and for export markets, retaining the specific attributes of fresh cooked mussels.

The Action: Hazel used Julia’s recipes as a base, and applied standard food technology and science approaches to optimise the process and formulation. Collaborations with other contract manufacturers led to mussel products with even longer shelf-life, both as dried and retorted products. Protocols were developed for Julia to make the products herself, and the safety and shelf-life of these were validated by MacTavish West.

“Hazel is an amazing person to work with. As a food technologist, she knew what to do to extend the shelf-life of our products. Hazel identified and created products and processes that retained the identity of the mussel that we know and love”. Julia Fisher, Freycinet Marine Farm.

The Outcomes:

• 4 different pickled mussel products under the Fishers of Freycinet (new) brand:

• Pickled Fisher

• Mediterranean (chilli and dill)

• Freycinet Sunrise (turmeric and chilli)

• Pink Gin Spices (gin spices and pepperberry)

• 3 ready to eat dry soup mixes

• A long ambient shelf-life mussel product for export

Awards: At the 2019 Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards:

• Mediterranean Pickled Mussels were awarded Gold, and Reserve Seafood Champion.

• Freycinet Sunrise Pickled Mussels were awarded Silver

• Pink Gin Spices Pickled Mussels were awarded Silver

• Perfectly Pickled Mussels were awarded Silver