Kennedy-Carrick Consulting

“I have worked  with Dr Hazel MacTavish-West on a number of projects, ranging from leading creative development of new juice products, to large audience presentation of branded foods, to in-depth one-on-one food marketing consulting. In all cases I have found Hazel to be insightful, professional and a pleasure to work with. At the Mansfield (Vic) workshop, her insight, intellect and humour had the audience learning, laughing and loving what she had to say”.  Paul Kennedy, Kennedy-Carrick Consulting

Eat Drink Innovate

“Hazel MacTavish-West is a leading light in the food innovation industry.  She’s a highly engaging, motivating and no-nonsense speaker, who inspires and educates producers and businesses how to create value-added offers through hands-on, result-focused workshops.  She has the amazing ability to unlock the value of fresh produce, and translate that into desirable and valuable products, many of which sit on retail shelves across Australia and the UK today. You need to hold on tight as she propels businesses to new heights with the best and brightest approaches to product innovation”. Susie White, Eat Drink Innovate 

Radbio Pty. Ltd.

“Radbio has been working closely with Hazel MacTavish-West developing unique fruit products. Hazel collated and deciphered previous documented research completed by Radbio over several years.  With Hazel’s knowledge and network of associates in food product development, she was able to refine and develop a clear vision of the viability of Radbio’s products.   By further developing Radbio’s core products, Hazel was able to help ascertain the end user uptake of these products.  In turn, this allowed us to concentrate our current research and development program on the most unique attributes of its fruit products”  Peter Radevski, Radbio Pty. Ltd.

Ashgrove Cheese AmazeBalls

“When I consider Hazel MacTavish-West I think two things: professionalism and cutting-edge product development. I love the fact that Hazel is consumer and market-centric, solution-driven and willing to listen to suggestions. Above all, MacTavish West are responsive, fast and approachable, enabling our business to shape and seize market opportunities”.  Anne Bennett, Ashgrove Cheese AmazeBalls.

Hellfire Bluff

“MacTavish West were given a brief to use Tasmanian flavours in our gins to set us apart from the mainstream.  We were very happy with the final results, which have been accepted into the competitive Australian gin market.  Thank you Darren and Hazel.”  Susie Daly, Hellfire Bluff.

Daly Potato Company

“MacTavish West helped us get our Potato Salad onto the supermarket shelves, despite the competition, food safety laws and shelf life requirements.  Hazel has extensive knowledge of all facets of the industry and has supported a ‘Mum and Dad’ business turn home-style cooking into shelf-stable products.”  Susie Daly, Daly Potato Company.

International Focus

“MacTavish:West has a respected track record within the fresh produce industry, qualified and experienced in nutritional science with respect to fresh produce.  We were impressed with the quality of scientific input and their ability to respond to deadlines”.  Phil Effingham, United Kingdom

Westerway Raspberry Farm

“Mactavish West provided us with scientific analysis, new product development guidance and had great contacts in industry to assist us with the production and sale of our new high value fruit based products.  We have never worked with such a responsive and attentive partner in business”.  Richard Clark, Westerway Raspberry Farm